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Kid Needs Tutor in Fort Worth Dallas TX

Your kid is getting all A's, right?


It's cool.

We can help.


We're Good Human Dallas.

Good Human is an all-inclusive, family tutoring, and development organization offering services for all members of the family and specializing in curated education for each member. From early intervention and school-age readiness, to tutoring and personal development. We help everyone become their best selves.

Good Human Education Specialist Stack of Books to help with Clients

We assist children and adults in their learning and self discovery.

Good Human Dallas Services Book Icon for Tutoring and School Preparedness

Tutoring & School Preparedness 


We provide guided learning and school work help for ages 4 through adult learner. We build in-home, afternoon routines to make your mornings easier.

Good Human Dallas Fort Worth Services Hand Icon for Teacher and School Communications

Advocacy & School Communications


We work with teachers and counselors so you know what’s happening at school. We also monitor grades and advocate for student test accommodations.

Good Human Dallas Fort Worth Services Champion Icon for Personal Development & Confidence Building

Personal Development & Confidence Building


Want more spark for yourself, your students, or your business? We offer passion-finding projects and activities for the entire family and development for employees and teams.

Good Human was started by Brit Parker after the realization that education should be embraced by the entire family. But that can only happen if it’s interesting and fun! No matter the amount of students a family has, everyone can stand to learn something new. 

I'm Miss Brit.


Miss Brit Parker CEO of Good Human Dallas Headshot
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