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Engagement that actually makes a difference.

Good Human Dallas Employee Engagement Graphic with MultiEthnic Coworkers Having Coffee

On average, you’ll spend more waking hours with co-workers than your family throughout the week. So shouldn’t the office also feel like a second-home, with educated and engaged “family” members?


Good Human Organizational Development and Education is designed to enhance your overall employee experience by providing seamless employee engagement, always customized to your organization’s specific needs.

Award-Winning Employee Engagement

Good Human Presentations

Increase competencies and give your employees actual life-skills while minimizing turnover with employee engagement classes and learning series. These personalized sessions for your C-suite, management, and/or company-wide teams, presented with high-level energy, cover professional subjects.

Our presentations are also available for Executive Boards, Management Teams, DEI Strategic Planning, and Policy Making sessions.

Prices and Packages Available starting at $150/hour

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 
> Regional & Topical History 101: How history has affected your bottom line
> Alphabet Bootcamp: Identities 101 
> Pride, Prejudice, & Privileges

Professional Personality Testing & Exploration DISC
> Clifton Strengths
> Rainbow/Color Theory

Financial Education & Literacy
> Credit 101
> Savings 101
> Preparing for College
> Homebuying & Renting
> ID Theft & Fraud 



Client of Good Human Dallas Messiah College
Client of Good Human Dallas Central Penn College
Client of Good Human Dallas Thred Up


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