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Good Human Dallas Fort Worth Education Specialist for High End Clients

We believe

everyone can learn.

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Good Human Dallas Fort Worth Tutor Life Coach for kids and adults

"Brittany was an amazing asset

during my time in nursing school. She created a study plan and curriculum that helped me a great deal with exams and now my state boards for licensure. She made it fun and was able to include activities for different learning styles which helped me retain the material easier. I highly recommend her and will be working with her again when I pursue my advanced nursing degrees."

- Mr. Jones | Remote Student

Lancaster, PA

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Miss Brit

Brit Parker CEO of Good Human Dallas Fort Worth with husband Ryan

Brit &Ryan

Brit Parker CEO of Good Human Dallas with Tutoring and Education Improvement Client

Learning = Fun!

Brit Parker


The educational legend that is Brit Parker was born the day her kindergarten teacher asked her the anxiety-inducing question, “Do you want to teach the class?” With the determination of a million scholars, she bellowed, “Yep!”


While working hard through college, spending summers teaching children, Brit was able to reconnect to that early memory by finding purpose in helping others achieve their goals through education. She then translated that passion into her professional life, specializing in organizational leadership and development.


Now with over 15 years experience teaching adults and children, Brit has helped countless individuals, families, and businesses reach their goals by bringing clarity to the blurriest of subject matter.  

In her personal life, Brit calls Texas home after an adventurous move from Pennsylvania in January of 2020. She enjoys exploring everything in the area and rooting on her Dallas Cowboys while supporting Penn State football from afar.


Her welcoming and high energy doesn’t fade easily, but may dim slightly after a trip to grab some* BBQ or tacos (*some = a lot). She lives in Frisco with her husband, Ryan, and rescued chiweenie, Brody.

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