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Education for everyone in the family.

"Thank you to Mrs. Brittany for her unique tutoring style. She is very patient, kind, and encouraging, and she is able to relate to her students."

- NFL Family

Frisco ISD


Everyone processes and remembers information differently. We’ll help your students prepare or catch-up for their core subjects, tests and quizzes in their style of learning. We also offer preparation for all grade levels of Texas STAAR, SAT/ACT tests and study skill-building for independent success both at school and at home!


Pricing starting at $50/hour, packages also available. 

In-Home School Routine Preparedness

Having your students know what to do and help themselves when they return home after the school day can alleviate stress for everyone and improve family efficiency. We can help you establish and practice a weekly routine that works for your household, giving your students healthy responsibility and habit structures. Get ready to have more relaxed family time in the evenings and smoother school mornings! 


Pricing starting at $75/hour, packages also available, available as add on service.  

Parent-Teacher Communications and Grade Monitoring

Seem like you can’t get a grip on the school calendar and keep missing deadlines? We coordinate with your students’ district and individual teachers to keep you informed about what’s going on throughout the year and weeks. We will also monitor overall grades for classes, including homework and test scores to make sure you have a clear view of your student’s performance! 


Pricing starting at $25/hour, available as add-on service.

Student Advocacy

Making sure your student is prepared for exams is an obvious way to ensure great scores, but what happens when we need just a little more preparation? We will work with your student’s teachers and learning support staff to provide accommodations (ARDs) to make sure your student is in an environment with the right tools they need for the school day! 


Pricing starting at $25/hour, available as add-on service.

Reading and School-Age Preparedness

Sending your littlest one off in a backpack for a full day of school is your goal, and making sure they are ready for everything that school day throws at them is ours! We will work with your preschool-aged student to ensure their reading, writing, and communication skills are ready for kindergarten and 1st grade expectations. With one-on-one, 2-hour sessions full of fun, your student will be excited for bigger desks and longer days!


Pricing starting at $50/hour, packages available.

Adult and Family Personal Development

Want to learn something new while setting an example as a good student? Let’s work together to achieve an academic or life goal you’ve always had an interest in! Want to learn together or take a field trip as a family? Learning is a lifelong pursuit and your students will love discovering new things with you. Need a weekend day alone? Good Human will chaperone an educational trip for your students, leaving your afternoon kid-free (quiet optional)!


Pricing starting at $50/hour plus cost of admission/travel.

Passion-Finding for High Schoolers and Adults

Applying to colleges or even thinking about life after high school can be daunting- what are my options and how do I make the best choices? This doesn’t just apply to teens, the entire family can struggle with these questions at any age, but Good Human can help! Work one-on-one with Ms. Brit to discuss your interests and what options the future can hold through guided interest exploration, post-graduate planning and site visits and get excited for what’s ahead! 


Pricing starting at $75/hour, packages available.

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